Contract Fabrication Services

FATHOM & FORM is a fabrication shop at it's core. We have raised our designers here, and have built our systems off of the lessons we learned in the process. To be the best designers we must be the best fabricators, and our commitment to bettering our techniques, tools, materials and finishes is constant. Our fabrication and design services are offered in tandem or independently, fabricating steel, wood, lighting or glass work to spec for residential and commercial projects.



Client: Spacecraft Design Group
Location: 3rd Street, Long Beach, CA
Scope: Design, prototype, fabricate and install nine custom ceiling fans at Bo Beau Restaurant in Long Beach, CA

To satisfy the brief for nine custom eight foot ceiling fans, we had to prototype at scale. Utilizing CNC cut components, the fans assembled in a few simple steps. This allowed us to refine the design and build a budget conscience product.


Title: Citizen
Location: Beverly Hills, CA
Scope: Design and build sliding glass door system for indoor-outdoor restaurant patio

This full width sliding door system is a stackable design utilizing concealed pivot hinges, allowing the door system to be opened fully with minimal footprint.


Title: Hollywood & Highland Mall Canopy
Location: Hollywood, CA
Scope: Fabrication and Installation

On-site fabrication and finishing of a large steel canopy on the rooftop of the Hollywood and Highland Mall complex. Over 8000 linear feet of rectangular tube with a patina finish and clear coat.


Title: BlueBird Cafe
Location: Ventura Blvd, Los Angeles, CA
Scope: Technical design and Fabrication of custom awning

SpaceCraft Group contracted FATHOM&FORM for the technical design and fabrication of a set of awnings destined for the Bluebird Cafe, opening soon on Ventura Blvd. Spacecraft provided the design and left it to us to engineer the system. Utilizing laser-cut arches, the supporting material easily fit into place during fabrication. This system allows for an extremely efficient fabrication timeline with repeatable results.

More coming soon.